Tips for usage:

  1. Getting Started / Registration
    Before you can bid for a contract, you must be a registered vendor on this hub. Simply click on the register link. Fill required information appropriately on the basic information page, avoiding errors. Ensure you double check the form before clicking on NEXT to complete your first phase of registration. This will automatically log you in on the portal to continue your registration. If for any reason you could not complete your registration, you can re-visit the portal to complete your registration by logging into the portal. Your registration must be completed before you can bid for a job.
  2. Bidding For Jobs
    All available jobs / contracts will be posted on this HUB. Simply go through the list of available jobs to see if any matches your area of specialization as specified on your registration . Note that you cannot bid for a job if you have not logged in and also ensure your quotation is ready in pdf format, so you can upload it when bidding, as it is compulsory to bid for a job.

Posted Jobs

To bid for job, you are required to login. Click on bid for job on the lauch bar to bid for available jobs. Note that you can only bid for jobs under your category.

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